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Why people are bisexual

Studies providing evidence for the masculinization of the brain have, however, not been conducted to date. It may influence who you actually have a relationship with, but it doesn't change your feelings inside. It depends on what you want to do. Based on this and other findings, they suggested that bisexuality is more influenced by social and sexual learning than is exclusive homosexuality. But ina section in Romans ch. Kinsey scale In the s, the zoologist Alfred Kinsey created a scale to measure the continuum of sexual orientation from heterosexuality to homosexuality. Bressler and Lavender found that bisexual women had more orgasms per week and they described them as stronger than those of hetero- or homosexual women. Either God is true or He is not. District Court Judge Glen Davidson to intervene and reinstate the prom. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? We do not need "both women and men" at the same time to be happy.

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    In other words, someone does not have to be exclusively homosexual or heterosexual, but can feel varying degrees of both. If a teenage girl kisses another teenage girl, for whatever reason, and she finds that she likes it - then things can happen, and things can change.


    It's much like young homosexuals acting "tv gay" before they relax and embrace their homosexuality.


    Men had to watch videos of male and female same-sex intimacy while genital sensors monitored their erectile responses.


    They could respond to this fear by becoming more controlling and abusive.


    Bisexuality does not require that a person be attracted equally to both sexes. Those flying east should go to bed earlier than usual for a few days before the journey; people flying west should stay up later.


    The answer, at last!