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Video about the sex slave trade:


The sex slave trade. Infiltrating Europe's shameful trade in human beings.

The sex slave trade

Islam moved southwards along the Nile and along the desert trails. This law also attempted to encourage efforts to prevent human trafficking internationally, by creating annual country reports on trafficking, as well as by tying financial non-humanitarian assistance to foreign countries to real efforts in addressing human trafficking. Despite these high populations more slaves were always required. The main types of work offered are in the catering and hotel industry, in bars and clubs, au pair work or to study. Portugal and Spain, which were indebted to Britain after the Napoleonic Wars , slowly agreed to accept large cash payments to first reduce and then eliminate the slave trade. In the latter, people voluntarily request smuggler's service for fees and there is no deception involved in the illegal agreement. In ancient Greco-Roman times, slavery was related to the practice of infanticide. It is especially these conditions that kept France involved in the slave trade for so long. Some are ethic Chinese nationals seeking a better life in Southeast Asia. Dragan and his Romanian pals loaded 10 girls on a boat to cross the Danube. The French people and government had deep misgivings about conceding to Britain's demands. The trafficker takes away the basic human rights of the victim, sometimes luring them by false promises or physically forcing them into servitude.

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    The French slave trade thus did not end until


    Finally, it is impossible to ignore the religious and racist dimension of this trade.


    Retrieved October 21, The Arab slave trade continued in one form or another into the early s.


    They were ruled by Arab or Berber chiefs Tuaregs. Four nations objected strongly to surrendering their rights to trade slaves:


    Historical accounts and references to slave-owning nobility in Arabia, Yemen and elsewhere are frequent into the early s.


    Dawood, Franz Rosenthal trans. Britain demanded that other nations ban the slave trade and that they had the right to police the ban.


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