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Video about teen alcohol use and sex:

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Teen alcohol use and sex. Teenage Drinking.

Teen alcohol use and sex

Genetics Rate of maturation and development Level of risk. For teens , alcohol can be very harmful -- and it's illegal. Drinking can cause many problems: Other reasons young people drink alcohol include: Physical problems, such as hangovers or illnesses. Department of Health and Human Services; Teens who drink alcohol have more memory impairment than those who do not drink. Some binge drinkers imbibe heavily every weekend and abstain or drink only in moderation during the week. This "binge" drinking happens when someone drinks more than four for women or five for men alcoholic drinks in about two hours. Men are more likely to drink heavily than women, but women become addicted at lower levels and shorter duration of use. Underage drinking is a risk that attracts many developing adolescents and teens. Alcohol problems often go hand in hand with mental health problems such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

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    Drinking can delay puberty in girls, while abusing alcohol can cause endocrine disorders during puberty.


    Relapse prevention uses methods for recognizing and amending problem behaviors.


    Unfortunately, at some teen parties, the emphasis is on drinking to get drunk.


    Share Your Story There are few medications that are considered effective in treating alcoholism. Set the stage early by letting your teenager know that he or she can talk to you about anything, without judgment or lecturing.


    Teens can face immediate negative consequences, such as brain damage and delayed puberty. Explain that your teen might be more vulnerable to developing a drinking problem.


    Influence of family and peers. Get to know your teen's friends and their parents.


    Share this information with a friend, especially if you know someone who is an underage drinker. Genetics Rate of maturation and development Level of risk.