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Video about speculum insertion sex:


Speculum insertion sex. Hot nurse Kara Rose metal speculum cervix up close.

Speculum insertion sex

It comes in various sizes for opening and stretching the various orifices and cavities! They work great on nipples, penis, labia or any other imaginative locations for all sorts of sensations! It was that time of year where Gracie needed her exam, she gets to the Dr's and the Dr. We have vaginal specula that's the plural of speculum, by the way , anal specula, rectal speculum, nasal speculum Watch as she gets a complete physical exam. Watch the full exam inside now! Annie Sprinkle has a cervix self inspection "How-To" on her website. So she starts her other exam and has her bend over, she then sticks her fingers and speculum deep inside her pussy, she then has her lay on her tummy and she shoves her finger deep into her tight butt hole! Ultimate Anal Spreader Unique, unbelievable, unnerving June 26, Tammy had to get a medical checkup after she started her new job. What Here's looking at you!

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    The fully opened speculum is almost three inches which makes it very intimidating!


    Next she gave her a gyno exam followed by a deep anal examination. To finish off the examination her doctor gives her a deep anal checkup!


    This busty blond found a lump under her breast and was scared to death.


    Following her gyno exam she has her temperature checked rectally.


    She gets her breasts checked, then a complete vaginal and rectal examination.


    Following her gyno exam she has her temperature checked rectally.


    Following her gyno exam she has her temperature checked rectally. Obviously, Nurse Ivy is not fooled by Nurse Victoria's feeble attempt of acting like she doesn't want her speculum exam!


    The Doctor even makes a pass at her!


    Check out numerous mind-blowing Sex Videos from dozens of xxx categories! The doctor then inserts the spectulm inside her tight pussy.


    In order to get insurance they had to make sure she was completely healthy. She receives a very thorough examination.