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Sex Pistols Something Else

Something else sex pistols. Sex Pistols.

Something else sex pistols

The original track listing included I Wanna Be Me as the final song, but failed to list Problems, although it was included. They are the antithesis of humankind. The Sex Pistols are no ordinary band; their story is long and complicated, and not without its casualties. The nation was up in arms. EMI eventually won the war. Initially the band were refused entry to the States due to their criminal records, however, their visa problems were eventually sorted with the band only having to pull two shows from the tour. John was fucked with flu, Sid was fucked with drugs, and Cook and Jones were fucked with Sid and John. They are unbelievably nauseating. Before a regular evening concert, the band performed a benefit matinee for the children of "striking firemen, laid-off workers and one-parent families. Blank labels with a red stamped 'Nasty Nasty' on one side.

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    Twenty-five thousand copies of the planned "God Save the Queen" single, produced by Chris Thomas, had already been pressed; virtually all were destroyed. Where they were supported by the likes of Offspring, Blink and Bad Religion.


    The Damned were briefly part of the tour, before McLaren kicked them off. Housed in large fold-out poster containing magazine and newspaper cuttings.


    There were equal quantities of grey, blue or brown vinyl, 8 on orange and 30 black vinyl test pressings.


    Generally sold under name, Live in Concert.


    A Japanese pressing with blue cover, put both tracks on the back cover listing. And an album that will continue to inspire — forever.


    Dopo l'apparizione del gruppo nello show di Bill Grundy, la loro storia apparve nelle pagine di ogni giornale nazionale del giorno dopo. Has since been counterfeited.