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Sex wiev tv. Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign – No Longer a Lightworker Part 2.

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Whether or not a being is healed and restored or it is destroyed is between them and Source. These simple concepts should be adhered to in order for us to free our minds from the twisted "logic" presented in New c Age teachings that would have us believe that the incredible amount of suffering inflicted upon humanity is entirely its own doing, as well as a wonderful learning experience, so we should not take any action to help others to alleviate their own suffering. Google Reader has been discontinued. Ironically though, in some ways it is even more difficult to share these revelations publically. I know that much of what I revealed in that article was difficult to accept, but I am committed to Truth, wherever it leads. Nevertheless, the demiurgic beings have fully committed to their own illusion of separation from Source, and therefore must find an alternative source of energy, which they derive from humanity in the form of worship, adoration, beliefs, counterparty contracts, distorted sexuality, deception, confusion, apathy, struggle, pain, suffering, hate, death, etc. Only through Enlightened Self-Governance will we be able to build an entirely new type of society that is self-organized to solve problems and see to the needs of the many as a genuine expression of the desire to cooperate and make a world that benefits everyone. When we know that, not just think it on an intellectual level, we realize that there is NO legitimate authority outside of ourselves. This manipulative, deceptive "teaching" comes from the false-light, and nothing could be further from the real truth. They tell the person that even though they failed at so many things in their life, that they will be given a chance to go back one more time and "get things right" in a new incarnation. Some of that criminal being's malicious energy is then projected onto the individual who is being tricked into believing that they were once that horrible criminal.

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    The process outlined below is based on the Self-Clearing System Level 1 and Level 2 , which form the foundation for the energy clearing work that I do. No, these people were clearly being enslaved, which is easily recognized as something that is wrong to do.


    Notice the similarities in the words hierarchy and patriarchy, and the "archon" influence.


    I choose to stand for Truth as a Sovereign Being alongside not beneath the Sovereign beings of the Free Universe who take action to oppose all forms of deception, parasitism and enslavement.


    Birth bump to bad parents, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychic attacks, etheric implantation, dream-manipulation, recruitment into the false-light's "lightworker corps," relationship issues, health problems, money problems, physical abduction and implantation, lack of self-worth and much more. I revoke ALL of these agreements as well as all counterparty copies, reinstatement clauses, duplicates, back-ups, mirrors, etc of everything previously named.


    However, this feeling of universal oneness and love is actually emerging from INSIDE of the being, and it is being reflected back to them by the ToK and the liararchy.


    This realm is nicely decorated with simulations of nature, lovely views and a staff of "guardian angels" who make sure those beings go back to earth when their time comes.


    Tell those demiurge beings: