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Sex for siblings

Mediators do not pass judgment or offer guidance; they are there, in effect, to facilitate conversation between the two sides. Also this is putting strain on my relationship with my partner as we have no privacy and neither do the kids, my baby daughter still wakes several times during the night which isn't fair on my eldest 2 as they go to school tired. I'm not shore wot to do. You may wish to speak to your parents and show them the guidelines laid out in this page. The toddler is going to keep my daughter awake in the middle of the night if they have to share. Please see the link here to see if this may apply to you. All advice welcome thanks Benji - Jun SafeKids - 8-Jan 1: But is this when the eldest is 10 or the youngest? What are our rights on this please?? Jules - Mar

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    So, at some point soon you would have to address this issue anyway. SafeKids - Jun


    They found a year-old chained to a bed and a house that reeked and contained human waste, indicating that the children were prevented from using the toilet, authorities said. They were beaten and choked.


    If the council is informing you that you currently have adequate housing, then you may wish to enquire what the situation will be when your daughter reaches the age of At aged eight and nine sharing may be still acceptable.


    Andy - Jan At present they each have their own bedrooms after converting the living room for the youngest.