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San diego freak sex

It was served with a sweet and slightly spicy sauce mix on the side plus ginger, wasabi and soy sauce to add if you like but the experience was even less pleasant the more I added. I was hoping for like more stuff Indoor and outdoor seating. A new lunch favorite. They included two small strips of salmon. Even when the girl made a mistake she apologized with a smile. I've had better sushi burritos from actual sushi restaurants, this one was just okay I haven't had a terrible experience here but food is average at best. It was cafeteria setup where you get in line order your food wait pay and either take it to your table or take it to go. But other than that, it's worth a try. Rolls over Burritos any time A "sushi burrito" is basically a giant sushi roll, stuffed with some combination of crunchy, fatty, fishy, and a pile of rice.

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    They give you 3 long slices of tuna.


    Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. Overall had a good experience but definitely have had better before.


    It's a small operation, with really limited hours M-F , so I'm glad we stopped in when we had the chance.


    One of my favorite lunch places to go to!


    Aside from that, the actual rice was dry and tough for sushi rice. The Calimari Crunch was below average, being dosed in hot sauce to mask the lack of quality ingredients.


    They give you 3 long slices of tuna. Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.