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Video about regional sex trafficking in the balkans:

Sex Trafficking: How it Works

Regional sex trafficking in the balkans. Countering Trafficking in Persons.

Regional sex trafficking in the balkans

The judiciary is struggling under the strain and the jails are full. While many national initiatives are underway, there is also a realisation that many of the most profitable illicit and illegal activities involve a strong international dimension. Currently, that route is favored because the borders in Macedonia and Serbia are porous and the officials there overwhelmed. ReliefWeb Subscription Benefits Setup and manage your email subscriptions to new reports, jobs and more. Among them are three Syrians who were part of a group of 50 refugees shut into a minibus, not unlike the 71 from the end of August. The advantage of this informal money transfer system is that no banks or overseers ever find out about it. Our colleagues also took the opportunity to meet with our various EU counterparts to explore areas of partnerships and cooperation in addressing counter-terrorism. They met their smuggler, a man from Turkey, in Belgrade. The week before last alone, the coast guard rescued more than 2, people from the water. Turkish police patrol the coastal stretch nightly, on both water and land, but without much success. Yasin's job is done as soon as the deal is made.

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    The CCP integrates activities including theoretical and practical training, ongoing maintenance, advanced specialized training and assistance through follow-up and onsite visits combined with mentoring to the Port Control Units.


    There are several indications that the deaths of the 71 people inside the truck were not the result of a planned crime but that it was probably the result of an oversight, of stupidity. There are big fish and small fish -- and men like Metodi G.


    The Balkan Route comes to an end in Bavaria -- and it has become the end of the road for many a smuggler as well.


    He wears a jersey brandishing the name of the Fenerbahce football team, has short, black hair and is unshaven. Cars, mobile homes and minivans sit rusting on the side of the sandy road that leads to his family's house.


    For the first time, the programme addresses illicit minerals trafficking in selected areas in Central Africa.