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Motion sex

Hence the fact that the nude or semi-nude body may be beautiful does not make its use in the films moral. This is treated more fully below. In both these ways, that is, as a product of a mind and as the cause of definite effects, it has a deep moral significance and unmistakable moral quality. Semi-nudity must not result in undue or indecent exposures. Newspapers present by description, films by actual presentation. Indecent or undue exposure is forbidden. Teach methods of crime. Sympathy with a person who sins is not the same as sympathy with the sin or crime of which he is guilty. Wrong entertainment lowers the whole living conditions and moral ideals of a race. Mankind has always recognized the importance of entertainment and its value in rebuilding the bodies and souls of human beings.

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    Newspapers present by description, films by actual presentation. Repellent Subjects The following subjects must be treated within the careful limits of good taste:


    Titled I go Pogo.


    In the second class come sex sins, sins and crimes of apparent heroism, such as banditry, daring thefts, leadership in evil, organized crime, revenge, etc. The BBC commissioned thirteen episodes of stop frame animated Summerton Mill in as inserts into their flagship pre-school program, Tikkabilla.


    This has been done through good music, great painting, authentic fiction, poetry, drama.