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Amazed at the victory of the youth. Here when Lyaios Lyaeus [Dionysos] prepared for war, some of them covered their bodies with raw oxhides, others fortified themselves with skins of shaggy lions, others put on the grim pelts of panthers, others equipped themselves with long pointed staves, others girt about their chests the skins of long-antlered stags dappled like stars in the sky. They stood in a row, confident in the quick soles of their straightfaring feet. The rustic Panes housed themselves under shelter in the ravines, for they occupied at evening time the natural caverns of a lioness in the wilds. Garlands knocked against helmets, corselet against goatskin, thrysus rushed upon spear, greaves were matched against buckskins; rows of shields pressed against each other as the ranks which carried them met together, footmen against footmen; Pelasgian helmet pushed Mygdonian helmet with highnodding plume. The River [River-God] lies on a couch of grape-clusters, pouring out its stream, a river undiluted and of agitated appearance; thyrsoi grow about it like reeds about bodies of water. Melville Roman epic C1st B. In her pursuits--and in her chastity--Syrinx revered Ortygia [Artemis]. Some went deerhunting with dogs after the long-antlered stags: All kinds of satyrs belong to the retinue of Dionysus Apollod.

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    And a Satyros of the mountains sat astride on the back of a lioness, as if he were riding a colt.


    Another turning his unsteady took towards a tree espied a Nymphe half-hidden, unveiled, close at hand; and he would have crawled up he highest tree in the forest, feet slipping, hanging on by his toenails, had not Dionysos held him back. One mounted with an agile leap on the back of a furious bear, whipping the hairy neck as it rushed on tis course; another astride on a wild bull gripped his two flanks with hanging feet, and pricked his hairy belly with his crook to guide the wandering course; a third rode on the back of a shaggy lion, and pulled the hair of his mane instead of a bridle.


    Around him thronged his usual company, Satyri Satyrs and Bacchae. The more common statement is that the Satyrs were the sons of Hermes and Iphthima Nonn.


    A Satyrus Satyr tried to seduce her, but she implored the help of Neptunus [Poseidon]. Jones Greek travelogue C2nd A.


    And one went bubbling the mindcharming drops of Bakkhos as he turned his wobbling feet in zigzag jerks, crossing right over left in confusion as he wetted his hairy cheeks with Bakkhos's drops. In her pursuits--and in her chastity--Syrinx revered Ortygia [Artemis].


    And there in the midst came Maron, heavy with wine, staggering on unsteady feet and moving to and fro as frenzy drove him.