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Great virgin sex story

She leaned back again. Her body was luring me, promising me sheer delight. March 12th, at 7: The whole world shrunk to two of us. Some blood on your dick but you know that you are the one and the first, feels so good! I decided to find out what she wanted from me. She was a cool gal! Her pubis was turning me on. All of a sudden her rear moaning turned into constant cry of pleasure. I want your pussy. It was very hot.

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    Her pubis was turning me on. She was seducing me!


    I went to the kitchen to bring us some cola. I was standing in front of her, my whole body was burning with the flame of passion.


    I was washing it with my hand. She stepped away and started caressing me with her hands.


    Her long curly hair was tickling my back, I was kissing it, burying my face in it. I was drinking my cocktail looking at her body, admiring it.


    She was pulling off my pants very slowly, enjoying every sec of the show.


    I brought you something to drink. We both were naked.


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    Let me hold your towel for it not to get wet. She was trying to make me get deeper inside her.


    She was sucking me more and more vigorously and fast.