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Feng shui and sex. 5 Ways to Use Feng Shui to Improve Your Sex Life.

Feng shui and sex

However, modern Feng Shui rules have relaxed since then, but natural sources of green is still the favorite. A Feng Shui consultant may suggest using green to reduce some energy to create balance if the sector contains too much other elements, but only a little to make a difference in flow. This is because the shape of the house is such that northeast is outside the house-- not inside. You will only get 10 percent success. His appearance was beautiful and dazzling. As a remedy, use metallic colors such as white, gold or silver. Thus north — indirectly — becomes a strong financial zone too. There are many websites that provide the Chinese Zodiac together with the element you are born in, such as Water Dragon, Metal Monkey etc. Pay attention to scents. Focus on small details. For a living room in West, you can use a mix of metal colors such as grey, white, silver, gold etc. Green decors and colors might represent wood element in Feng Shui, but they are not as powerful.

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    For example, if you are born in a wood element, and your front door is at the south of the house, then it is a good idea to paint it green. Place Living Plants Live plants have their own chi and will draw chi to them.


    Decorate pots with red, as fire and wood generates more energy. Like all other colors, green is a tool to create a good chi flow.


    Southwest Southwest is the corner of earth element. Feng Shui Colors — Direction 5 — The West The West part is ruled by metal element and governs creativity and kids offspring or descendants luck.


    Light Up Your Life Bright lights rev up energy. Focus on small details.


    The idea of placing things in pairs also goes for night tables, lamps, candles, and other accents. There are many websites that provide the Chinese Zodiac together with the element you are born in, such as Water Dragon, Metal Monkey etc.


    Southeast In feng shui southeast is considered to be a wealth corner.


    North, Northeast and Southwest are areas where you avoid using green color in general, as they are heavy in fire and metal element.