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Video about does smoking weed affect you sexually:

Will smoking weed cause erectile dysfunction ?

Does smoking weed affect you sexually. Earlier you try marijuana the lower your IQ, claims study.

Does smoking weed affect you sexually

I have been to the doctor who has given me a antibiotic mouth wash, which doesn't seem to be doing much. But for me, I know that I no longer smell. Thankfully, I read an article saying that you likely to develop mouth ulcer when you quit smoking.. Alomost nine months now. But most importantly, we shall NOT smoke again. I know I can't wait to eat and be able to enjoy other than my mouth burning like he'll. I would like too see what happens when others try this. I lost both parents to lung cancer and continued to smoke for years cause the trade off in mouth and throat pain yes Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!! I am one of you If he is eating fruits such as kiwis, pineapple, and watermelon, his semen is probably going to taste sweeter. But the relief from a life of pain in my mouth is just so amazing.

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    Edwin Bailey 6 May 17 Regardless of all the pain from ulcers you might associate when smoke free is nothing compared to the pain you will suffer as a smoker with ulcers peter 16 March 17 I stopped smoking on the 13 th Jan and my mouth is a mess.


    Smoking can mask a problem for a long time and once you quit, they reveal themselves in multitudes. However, many women are concerned about the fact that semen may make them gain weight.


    My mouth has exploded with mouth ulcers, I have counted up to 8 now, plus 5 which have joined together!!


    It burns when I inhale through my mouth and as food passes my tongue.