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Video about coconut oil sexual lubricant:

Coconut Oil Personal Lubricant The Natural Sexual Lubricant!

Coconut oil sexual lubricant. 6 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil as Lube and as Massage Oil.

Coconut oil sexual lubricant

Other Products you may be Interested in: Adding coconut oil to clotrimazole suppositories also increases its absorption into the body. Here are six sex reasons you should use coconut oil as lubeā€¦ and as a massage oil! You could use it as often as you wish to help keep Candida at bay. Are you digging a finger into the tub of oil? Any other products containing petroleum jelly such as barrier creams should not be used as a sexual lubricant. The next morning, I combed the cradle cap out of his head. We but it through the dermatologist, but they also have a website. The Benefits of Coconut Oil as Lube Coconut oil has unique properties that could be a benefit for use as a sexual lubricant: Not only does this homemade deodorant save money, but it has less toxins than storebought deodorant and leaves way less residue on your skin and clothes. Use it every night until you recover.

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    If it melts and solidifies too slowly it can become gritty and grit is absolutely not something you want in your lube. You can easily transition from massaging the body to massaging the genitals to sex all using the same product.


    Form a small lump with a spoon and insert it into your vagina overnight. Other Products you may be Interested in:


    You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Are there oil based sexual lubricants that are safe to use?


    I was a slight pink color and only felt like sand paper.


    Thanks for more information Doc!


    I slathered him in coconut oil.


    Jun Yes, the coconut oil in your pantry serves another purpose! However, it must be the Apple Cider kind.


    Who wants to have to take a shower after sex to rinse off the residue? They are thick and creamy, and last longer during sex, but be aware that they are not safe to use with latex contraceptives.


    Other Products you may be Interested in: Do you think 1 tbsp will help cure me?