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Each headline matched with the name of the correct housemate won the house a watergun and an ice lolly. Unbeknown to them and their fellow housemates, the person they chose would join them against the public vote this week. For this task, each housemate was given some paint and an easel and was told to paint a picture that represented their time in the house. If they failed to carry out any evictee's wishes, they would risk losing the task. They were not permitted to drop more than two balls, or they would fail the task. As Charlie and Jackie later failed their task and Jackie lost her temper, this meant that Charlie had therefore passed her secret task and won a batch of massage oils for the house. They were given the names of dozens of celebrities and had to state whether they were dead or alive. The housemates therefore won a luxury shopping budget for the week. Punishments On Day 11, as punishment for discussing nominations, Hazel, Jackie, Joe and Jemima were sent to the jail in the garden. Big Brother provided six gas masks which could save the six housemates who wore them from the infection. In this task, housemates had to work as a team and handle oversized pieces of shopping which were to be stacked to the required 'Pass' line in order for the housemates to earn a luxury shopping budget.

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    Big Brother provided six gas masks which could save the six housemates who wore them from the infection.


    However, as the other team ate the treat too later that evening, this pizza treat was voided for the winners see punishments.


    Exits On Day 24, Jackie broke her arm after slipping and falling on it in the garden. On Day 8, in order for Gina and Sallie to win invites to a party, they had to correctly guess which housemates Michael would label into a specific category, such as; "Least Attractive.


    Instead of commentating on what's happening in the house, he delivered a script and the housemates had to follow his instructions. These anonymous suggestions were later read out to the house.


    He also returned for Big Brother 10 to host a food competition along with other Big Brother alumnus. Gina and Sallie correctly guessed six of Michael's choices and therefore won a party for them and six housemates of their choice Charlie, Dan, Hazel, Wolfy, Jack and Joe and Michael, whose invite was automatic as he was Head Housemate later that night.


    On Day 4, Jemima received a formal warning for using racial remarks in a conversation about the type of men she goes for. The team that provided the best poses won a takeaway pizza; the team of Callum, Dexter, Gina and Sam won the task.


    Earlier that day however, Michael, "The People's Puppet", was instructed by Big Brother to carry out the wishes of the public once more - by sabotaging the shopping task. Big Brother had placed in the house beforehand a series of objects which the house thought they would have to memorise for the task, however, it was later revealed that the task would be based on a series of conversations that took place earlier that day.


    The rest of the house had to pretend that they could and did not hear anything that had been said; in doing so, a reward would be earned. Michael was successful in his secret task despite Dan becoming suspicious of him.


    They would then be required to state what highways would get them from one city to another. Each secret guessed correctly earned the house a reward.


    The housemates had to go to the store room one-by-one, in alphabetical order. It was revealed that Curtis, Eddie, George, and Jamie were marked for banishment.