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5 Rules of Anal Play for Straight Men

Anal sex with men. anal sex lowdown.

Anal sex with men

The anus is full of bacteria. And what does that say about your masculinity? There's no natural lube there, unlike in your partner's aroused vagina, so you need plenty of slippery stuff to make penetration easy and pleasant for you both. Even though all anal sex positions will provide some stimulation to the prostate, you won't be surprised to hear that some are better than others for this - and to some extent this depends on the size and shape of the top's penis. Possibly the most common position is to have one partner kneeling behind the other. If you'll pardon the tasteless metaphor, prostate play is an acquired taste. Kissing and intimate contact with your partner is a very enjoyable source of pleasure during sex, but remember that you may also need to communicate! As a man, try giving cunnilingus to a woman while you place a finger in her vagina and at the same time rub the tip of your little finger on her anus. Performing oral sex after analingus is not something that should be done as it will transfer harmful bacteria into the urethra pee tube of both a male and female recipient. Work your way down to the anus and begin circling the outer rim of the anus. Used in large amounts can cause a lethal dose of chemicals to enter bloodstream.

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    Fingering the Anus Rimming This is a great way to introduce someone to anal sex is to play with the rim of their anal opening.


    The amount that a man will enjoy this depends on how he feels about it in general. It also has a great handle for easy maneuvering.


    Bleeding after anal sex could be due to a hemorrhoid or tear, or something more serious such as a perforation hole in the colon. The sexually explicit material I am viewing is for my own personal use and I will not expose minors to the material.


    He can see the effect of his sexual power on his partner as he fucks him, can kiss and hold him as he does so, and the bottom can reciprocate with passion, perhaps even wanking himself as his partner fucks him though of course there's no reason why his partner can't do that as well so that the couple has the possibility of a simultaneous orgasm - which can bring the level of sexual energy to an incredible peak for both men.


    The simplest is to have the man on top with the woman's legs raised high so that her anus is exposed for penetration. Since the lining of the rectum is much more delicate than that of the vagina, and tears much more easily, you may want to ensure you trim all your fingernails before you go poking around inside your partner, and you may want to ensure all vibrators and dildos are soft and flexible before you put them into your partner - or even yourself!