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A wifes sex submission. Submission of Christian wives to their husbands..

A wifes sex submission

Either a person submits of their own free will or they do not submit at all. If Peter is assuming that the wife has no choice except to obey her husband then he is also assuming that she cannot sin in what she obediently does. The other aspects of submission remain valid however. By definition, a model is a standard or example for imitation. Kristin and Mark are no longer sleeping in the same bed. It is impossible to force a person to submit because that is a contradiction in terms. Submission is an act of the will; a submissive person makes a positive choice to submit to another person. I do know, however, that I cannot continue living in disobedience. Being submissive to your husband does not mean, as so many ignorant detractors of submission seem to think, that you should be an empty-headed bimbo, or that you should have no opinions of your own, or that you should be like a doormat. Attempting to anticipate the commands does not allow me to disobey any command that has been explicitly given — those I am still required to obey.

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    God's instructions that a wife should obey her husband are far kinder and more loving because she can always obey God by obeying her husband.


    She has to do it anyway. There is the submission of wives to husbands, of slaves to masters, of Christians to one another, of Christians to the ruling authorities, and Christians to God.


    Acts 5, v The first passage concerns Ananias and his wife Sapphira who sold a field, brought the money to the Apostles feet and were promptly struck dead.


    In abusive cases, there is need for professional, Godly counsel and intervention. Share this article Share Keeping the spark alive: